Do you need a Toner?

Do you need a toner? The answer is yes. A toner is a cure-all as a cleanser for removing residue  left over from cleansers, moisturizer, balances pH, and helps level out oil secretion. Here is an amazing article that explains the many benefits of toners. With Heaven Skincare product, we have three separate toners, Peppermint Clarifying Lotion, which is amazing for feeling refreshed on a warm day, Orange Flower Cell Renewal which is renowned for it's anti-aging properties as well as blemish repair, and Chamomile Desensitizing lotion, which works wonders on irritated and sensitive skin. Here is the article for you:

Do You Need to Use Toner?

Do You Need to Use Toner?

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Toner’s long been the ugly stepsister of skincare: you have to cleanse, and you must moisturizer, but tone? Eh. Who cares? Well thanks to a rapidly increasing interest in Korean skincare stateside, toners are taking their rightful place amongst the mighty serums and creams on beauty counters. But why? And what do they do? Consider this your factsheet for the water-like liquid. 

What is toner?

A toner can be a lotion or a liquid solution, meant to provide your face with that “deep clean” feeling. “Depending on the type of skin, a toner can have several actions,” says Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, co-director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery in Washington, DC. “Most people use a toner as an astringent to remove excess oil or makeup that their cleanser leaves behind. Others use it to balance the pH of the skin after cleansing.” It can also be used for extra soothing, hydration and anti-aging benefits. In other words, toner can be a bit of a cure-all depending on the formula and your individual needs.

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How do you use toner?

Traditionally, toning is the step sandwiched between washing and moisturizing. “You apply a small amount on a cotton pad to the face and neck, usually avoiding the eye area depending on the formula,” says make-up artist Kristofer Buckle. “Do this right after cleansing the face, and before serums, moisturizers and creams are applied.” Dab, dab, dab. Let your skin dry. Hydrate. It’s quick and easy.

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Who should use a toner?

Anyone can use toner, but women who struggle with excess oil production and blemishes should consider this extra step. Try a toner with glycolic acid, which Dr. Tanzi says will “remove all excess oil and continue to treat the skin to keep the pores clean” if you have the traditional toner-busting combo of oily and acne-prone skin. Peter Thomas Roth Glycolic Acid 10-Percent Toning Complex Clarifying Toner fits the bill.

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What other ingredients should you look for in a toner?

It’s best to skip toners with alcohol, it’s overly drying, strips the skin of moisture, and ultimately does more harm than good. Look instead for ingredients like salicylic acid (if acne is your biggest skin woe) or enzymes to brighten your complexion and encourage cell renewal (if anti-aging is your major concern). Things like aloe extract, glycerin, rosewater, or calendula will soothe and draw moisture into the skin. “I use all of the Dr. Brandt toners,” Buckle says. “There is literally a solution for whatever your problem, and my clients always see a difference.” Other great options are Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion for anti-aging, Sisley Floral Spray Mist for soothing, and Lancome Tonique Pure Focus for acne defense.

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Bottom line: Is toner worth it?

Ultimately, that’s for you to decide. Skipping toner won’t be as bad for your skin as skipping cleansing, but working one into your routine can make a visible difference—especially if you have oily skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, or dullness. “It really depends on the person,” says Dr. Gary Goldenberg, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. “Some say it’s just an extra step in your beauty routine, and an extra expense, but for the right person? Toners are great.”


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Written by Jennifer Cramer — November 19, 2014

Deborah Share Skincare Secrets

Have you ever wondered what Kate Middleton's favorite Heaven Skincare products are? Well, wait no longer as Deborah Mitchell herself has gone on record with Hello Magazine to give readers an inside look as to what are favorite products among her celebrity clientele.  This includes The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Victoria and David Beckham, Simon Cowell, Robert Downey Jr., and Danii Minogue.


Below is the article from Hello Magazine!


Duchess Kate's beauty tips revealed by her skin specialist Deborah Mitchell

18 NOVEMBER 2014

With clientele like the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, it's no wonder that Deborah Mitchell is making a buzz in the beauty world. HerHeaven skincare products are famously made with bee venom – the strongest anti-ageing substance and patent ingredient that she dreamed up of herself. 

Word of mouth spreads fast and Deborah, who has been treating the royals for years, can also count Dannii MinogueVictoria BeckhamSimon Cowell, Tess Daly and Robert Downey Jr. among her fans. She will soon be travelling to the US to treat Michelle Obama. 

Chatting exclusively to HELLO! Online, Deborah opened up about her celebrity clients and who she enjoys working with the most.



The Duchess of Cambridge uses the age defiance cream and the black bee venom mask

Her connection with the British royal family started with Prince Charles' wife Camilla, who Deborah says is one of her favourite clients and the "kindest, kindest person". Deborah believes that a royal aide came down to her central London clinic to try out her bee venom facial and report back on the experience. 

"Someone that knew Camilla tried the treatment and then after that, I was asked to go to the palace," said Deborah. "It was really nice. The funny thing is, I don't get blown over by treating famous people. It was nice but a bit surreal really. I felt like I was walking in a dream so I appeared really cool. Sometimes now I still think, actually I should really pinch myself."


The Duchess of Cornwall, who introduced Kate to the products, uses the gold bee venom mask and age defiance cream

Camilla then recommended the products and facials to Duchess Kate, who used it before her wedding to Prince William in 2011. Deborah, who was invited to the royal nuptials, has been treating the Duchesses since. 

"Kate is absolutely gorgeous and remarkably on the quiet side," said Deborah. "She's so sweet though and she hasn't got many spots. I've seen Kate and William together and they're just wonderful." Prince Harry, who is yet to request a treatment, is "wonderful too," she said. 

Both Camilla, 67, and Kate, 32, use the bee venom mask in black and gold, which cleans and tightens skin and acts as a natural face-lift. Giving their royal seal of approval to Deborah's line of products, the pair are also fans of the age defiance cream and the silk skin BB cream, while Camilla also uses the orange flower cell renewal hydrogel.


Dannii Minogue, who Deborah calls 'wonderful', is a fan of the whole Heaven line

Deborah also considers Australian singer Dannii, 43, as a good friend and loyal customer. "She is probably my super favourite client," she said, adding that the "wonderful" pop star has been "so good" to her family and teenage son throughout the years. 

Deborah also regularly sends products to Victoria Beckham, who was recommended the brand by her best friend and make-up artist Maria-Louise Featherstone

"Victoria's been using Heaven for years and years," said Deborah. "She used the age defiance cream first and then the bee venom came along and she used that. We sent off six bottles at one time."


Victoria Beckham keeps young with the Ellajane wipes and the orange flower cell renewal hydrogel  

The former Spice Girl, 40, is also a keen user of the new edition cleanser, the Ellajane wipes and the orange flower cell renewal hydrogel. 

As for the rest of her famous clients, Simon Cowell she described as having "a very enigmatic personality," Robert Downey Jr. as "really clever and really nice," and Tess Daly as being another favourite person to treat, whose number she has stored on her phone. 

Written by Jennifer Cramer — November 19, 2014

Heaven has a new look!

As you may have noticed, Heaven is coming out with a new look (and a few new products)! Recently Deborah Mitchell hosted a press event at the Langham hotel in London. For more on that amazing day, please click on the link for a wonderful blog post by Keith J Latimer. Keith is an avid Heaven Skincare fan, and a fantastic blogger. He's a lot of fun with a great personality to boot.

Written by Jennifer Cramer — June 29, 2014

From Keith J Latimer Regarding Scent from Heaven!

Written by Jennifer Cramer — April 24, 2014

Happy Easter!

We at Organic Skincare U.S. would like to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy Easter, and to thank you for being loyal customers by offering 30% and FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders. No minimums, no gimmicks. Have beautiful skin this spring courtesy of Organic Skincare U.S. and Heaven Skincare by Deborah Mitchell and Karora Sunless Tanning. Please use the code "Easter" at checkout.


Also, we have special gifts for anyone who shares their secret to better skin (have your referral write your name in the "notes" section when checking out), and if you successfully refer your favorite spa or boutique, you will be very happy! You will win free products and the chance to win up to 12 FREE Bee Sting Facials***. Please email for more details.

Happy Easter, and "THANK YOU" for helping this small business make a difference in people's lives.


Warmest Regards,
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Organic Skincare U.S.


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Written by Jennifer Cramer — April 19, 2014

Shop Small Saturday and Heaven

So much to talk about since my last blog waaaay back when! We've brought on quite a few new spas, in new areas (California I'm looking at you). Heaven has patented it's secret ingredient so I can tell you what it is now. It's called #abeetoxin and is found in any of our #beevenommaks and #formulab products.


I've done numerous shows, a big HELLO! to everyone who has come out to meet me. I thank you for the most common compliment, that I am a great face for Heaven. Well know I'm a botanically, beautifully bronzed body to go with that face. As you know, I do not represent a brand that I do not have a passion for. This means that every product on this website (aside from some of the His Heaven products), I use myself. The botanical skin wear (tanning) line Karora was a company suggested to me from another Heaven distributor, and being ever skeptical of spray tans, I decided to try them out, already with a "no thanks" on my lips. I am so glad I gave Karora a shot as not only do I have great color in the cold winters of North Pole, Alaska, but it's actually good for my skin. The products are hydrating, anti-aging, and ever so important, PARABEN FREE.


Heaven's big introduction this year were the EllaJane face wipes, and what a hit they are! Traveling as much as I do, I get my certified organic skincare routine in one large, durable cotton wipe. I can remove make up and mascara, cleanse and tone my skin, prevent blemishes, and calm my skin for an anti-aging effect. The wipes themselves are huge, and just keep going and going. They contain Apple Pectin, Peppermint and Honey, and what an experience. Ella Jane is a real person, she's Deborah's daughter, and she has definitely inherited the intuitive skincare gene.


I have returned this week from a Heaven's distributor meeting in Englad, where it was great to meet distributors from other countries. Deborah gave us a ton of information on the past, present, and future of Heaven, we were able to put some of our input in, and on the second day I was in for a treat!!!! We have a new treatment coming out called #afternoontearitual, and it is hands down my favorite Heaven treatment (tied closely with the Bee Sting Facial). Deborah did a demonstration of the facial and picked yours truly! I did not say no, and I was up on the massage table fast enough for her to not change her mind. Her fingers are truly magic!


For those who do not subscribe to our Facebook page, we will be migrating Heaven products over to in order to have continuity within the company. Heaven is in the the names of most of the distributors (not all) for the company, and this will make life much less confusing for people who are trying to find legitimate distributors of Heaven Skincare UK as copycats show up.


This Saturday is Shop Small Saturday, and I'm proud to say that we are still a small business run by a military family. Therefore, you do qualify for discounts on Saturday, in addition to a $10 statement credit from American Express if you shop on either of our sites that day. There are rules, and I haven't read them, but please know it's a great way to stock up on your Heaven and Karora needs.


Finally, don't forget the man in your life. If you want to touch a softer, smoother, younger face...we have an entire His Heaven line for you!! 


Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime at 


Happy Holidays!


Written by Jennifer Cramer — November 28, 2013

"The people behind the Duchess of Cornwall's stunning transformation"

I love that this article brings up an often overlooked product, our Heaven candles. 

Contained in a beautiful Waterford Crystal glass, these wonderful candles contain no paraffin (or parabens), and are massage oil, so they make wonderful skin treatments!

Candles are available in Breath, Dream, Scent, and my personal favorite, Affection!


An excerpt from the article:


"Camilla's natural attitude to beauty extends to the products she favours. 

Shortly before her wedding to Prince Charles in 2005 she discreetly began using an organic alternative to Botox - a face mask containing bee-sting venom pioneered by beauty therapist Deborah Mitchell that claims to be a needle-free shortcut to youthful, linefree skin. 

She also recommended her beauty secret to Kate Middleton when they dined together at Pierre Koffmann's restaurant at the Berkeley Hotel in London's Knightsbridge shortly before Kate and William's wedding. 

She later encouraged Kate to have her first £165 bee-venom facial with Mitchell herself, who has been a regular visitor to Clarence House and Highgrove since she first started working with Camilla in 2005.

She looked after the Duchess when she broke a leg while hill-walking at Birkhall and it was one of Deborah's Heaven Scent candles that helped revive Camilla after she was caught up in the London riots of 2010. 

"Once I shifted around some of my other clients to fit her in but she was most upset anybody would be put out on her behalf," says Deborah. 

"She said to me, 'Please don't do that again'."

On one occasion when Deborah admired a brown cowl-neck sweater the Duchess was wearing Camilla gave her an identical one in her size."


To read the full article, please click here.

Written by Jennifer Cramer — May 12, 2013

Karora tips for common Sunless Tanning questions

Please click here to view video how-tos and interviews with Karen Brown from Karora. This product has had an incredible reception here in the United States, and we are extremely excited to watch it grow and change skincare, one day at a time!

Written by Jennifer Cramer — April 26, 2013

Beyonce the lastest fan of Heaven Skincare!

With the essential oils of patchouli, cedarwood, orange blossom and orange, it's understandable why Beyonce is a fan of Heaven's Heaven Scent. This amazing product from Deborah Mitchell lifts your spirits, while helping to hydrate and maintain moisture levels in your skin.  Available on our website, or use our locator tool to find a retail location near you. Also available at Clyde's on Madison in NYC.


Written by Jennifer Cramer — April 24, 2013

Organic Skincare for the Summer Months

It’s never too early to start to begin preparing for the hot summer months in order to have the best possible plan for keeping your skin fresh and clean. The hot, humid, icky summer weather can be harmful to your skin if you aren’t careful. During the summer months, it’s easy to lounge around in the sun and forget what the UV rays from the sun are doing as they penetrate you skin. Some of the negative effects of the sunlight may not even show themselves until years later and you will begin to look older beyond your years without even having a clear understanding as to why. In order to prevent that from happening, we’d like to offer you a few simple helps to help you protect your skin in the summer.

The first and most important thing to do in order to protect you skin during the hot summer months is to have a moisturizer with an SPF that you trust. Many moisturizers that claim to have an SPF do not really do the job when it comes to being an effective moisturizer or vice versa. If you do not know where to start when it comes to picking out a great moisturizer for your skin, there are some really great effective and organic skincare options on the market. Moisturizer and SPF protective act as a suit of armor when it comes to making sure that your skin isn’t harmed by the sun. Also remember that it’s not about the SPF number but more about the amount of times that you re-apply the sunscreen to your skin. The more often you reapply, the less likely you are to have any accumulative damage due to sun exposure.

Another great way to protect your skin during the hot summer months is to avoid any hair care products that contain panthenol. Panthenol is an ingredient in a number of conditioners and it has been known to clog the pores. If this product gets onto your back while you are washing your hair, and then you are exposed to the sun, you may find yourself with annoying and embarrassing break outs. Instead, opt for organic hair care products that won’t harm the skin on your back if you decide to spend some time in the sun. This same logic should be applied when using nearly any type of beaut or skincare product. The more natural the product, the better results it will have and the less it will be to clog your pores and cause break outs.

The final thing you can do in order to keep your skin looking great over the summer months is to drink plenty of water. Water is great for your skin, and really helps to keep it hydrating and looking fresh. 

Written by Jennifer Cramer — March 21, 2013

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